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The amount of personal pension contributions you pay need not be restricted by your income for the current tax year. You can pay up to £3,600 gross in any year and choose the income from one year in the last five to calculate the maximum pension contribution permitted.
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As Technical Editor

I have worked as a technical tax editor in the following areas:

  • written new commentary on tax legislation as it is published;
  • edited commentary to include new chapters, previously written 'new developments', correct hyper-links and update legislative references;and
  • edited the Taxes Acts to incorporate amendments made by the new Finance Acts.
The UK Taxes Acts are written in a very specialised language which I translate into plain English to enable the ordinary taxpayer to understand the tax law.
Each new Finance Act contains instructions to amend or delete (repeal) the text of earlier Acts. I edit the text of the Taxes Acts using these precise instructions and add footnotes in the form of history notes and cross references which allow the reader to trace how the legislation has been altered.
Electronic work
I am familiar with Standard General Mark Up Language (SGML) and I am happy to work with files containing SGML tags. I have considerable experience using 'Adept Editor' to manipulate text for electronic publishing.

My work on UK Tax legislation has been published by CCH as part of the following products:

CCH: Tax Statutes and Statutory instruments (The Red and Green books)

I have edited the following Acts for FA 2000 and FA 2001 amendments:

  • FA 1988
  • FA 1989
  • FA 1990
  • FA 1991
  • FA 1997
  • FA 1998
  • Footnotes for CAA 2001
CCH: British Tax Library

I have edited and contributed new text in the following areas:

  • Capital Allowances
  • Corporate Venturing Scheme
  • Capital Gains: computation and valuation
  • Construction Industry Scheme
  • Income Tax: liability and notification
CCH: British Tax Guide

I have written in New Developments in the following areas:

  • Personal Financial Investment - inc. Stakeholder Pensions
  • Capital Allowances

Further information

Please contact me to discuss your needs for technical editing.

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