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Tax Tip:
A mobile phone provided by a company to its employee is a tax free benefit but a standard allowance paid for business use of the employee’s phone is taxable. To be tax free the company must own the phone and hold the contract with the phone company.
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As a contributor

I currently have contracts to update or write fresh material for the works listed below:

CCH Wolters Kluwer

  • The Accountant Diary 2011
  • Payroll Factbook
  • Company Secretary's Factbook

Bloomsbury Professional

  • Tax Planning 2010/11

Sweet and Maxwell

  • Company Directors Law and Liability
  • Franchising: Law and Practice
  • Whiteman & Sherry: Capital Gains
  • Whiteman & Sherry: Income Tax

LexisNexis UK

  • Tolley's Employer's Pay and Benefits Manual
  • Company Secretary's Link
  • Butterworths Corporate Law Service
  • Simons
  • Simons Planning
  • TolleyGuidance
  • Please contact me to discuss your content requirements

    In the past I have contributed to the following works listed below:

Sweet and Maxwell

  • Inland Revenue Clearances
  • Commercial Transaction Checklists
  • Land Taxation

Bloomsbury Professional

  • Revenue Law - Principles and Practice

Tax Faculty of ICAEW

    The following chapters were contributed as new material in the annual TAXline Tax Planning book:

  • 2004/05:Tax Benefits for Parents;
  • 2003/04:Disadvantaged Areas and business incentives;
  • 2002/03:Research And Development;
  • 2001/02:Capital Allowances;
  • 2000/01:Accounting Principles and Tax.

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